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contact poi pro διαστάσεις poi  ball 80 mm(8 cm),150gr.  λαβή μπαλάκι σιλικόνης 3,9 cm. 30 γρ/ rope 55cm, αυξομειούμενο. φωσφοριζων στο black light . uv reactive colors.H τιμή αφορά ζευγάρι. Tα contact poi pro λόγω της αναλογίας, λαβής με μπάλας προσφέρουν πολύ καλή επαναφορά στα πετάγματα.

CONTACT POI represents the latest innovation in poi swinging, being perfect for isolation, throws and body rolling. The SILICONE knob used on our PRO version has a fantastic grip and due to its dimensions (diameter 39 mm/30 gr) is the perfect counterweight on throws. The polyester smooth texture string is 6mm diameter and 55 cm long. To adjust the length of the string just pull it out off the knob, tie a simple knot and cut the excess.Price is for 1 pair.



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