Fire contact sword


Unique equipment for contact staff experts.The best model on the market for Contact Sword.
The latest version has been developed for 3 years to reach the current stage.
The core of the sword is made of aluminium 7075, which enables light weight to go hand-in-hand with enough stability which prevents bending or breaking.
This also enables our design to reach 1260mm length with structural weight of 966g and the 1060mm length of 946g!
The counterweight is a 50mm diameter steel ball weighing 500g, more than half of the full weight. We cover the counterweight with a soft underlayer and a rubber overlayer to make the prop safer.  Leaving the metal surface bare, without mentioned layers (like other vendors do), makes the counterweight dangerous and increases the risk of injury. Trauma, concussions and lacerations are possible injuries without such protection. With the protective cover it becomes much safer.
The handle surface is covered in spongy EPDM rubber and tennis overgrip. There are two kind of handle design. One is ergonomically tapered, like a hourglass-shape to improve control for the player and looks like a real sword handle. The other is feels more like a contact staff, it has a straight handle with a flower, what slow down the rolling. It is more safe because of the slower rotation and recommend more for beginners.

The centre of gravity is marked for dry and dipped as well as the centre is shifting from one to the other point while the fuel is burning out.The handle is separated from the burning surface by a silicone disc to prevent burns and further improve the safety of this spectacular prop.
The tip of the blade is sealed by a ring of copper reinforced kevlar wick.
This item provides an amazing illusion for the audience and makes them come back for more.
If you are an expert contact staff player, this will be your favourite equipment for sure!

-Take care of handling and transportation; if the core gets too much impact from the side, it can bend.
-If you use benzene or white gas it will reduce the lifetime of the kevlar and may damage the silicone disc. Also the risk of injury will increase due to the higher temperatures those fuels burn with, so it is not recommended to use the Contact Sword with these fuels.
-The contact sword is not made for fighting; it can’t stand the impact of strong blows and wasn’t designed for this purpose.
-Use very carefully, it is made exclusive for expert contact staff spinners. Only ignite the prop if you have the necessary skill and aptitude.


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