Fire flower stick set with sticks


fire flower stick.dimensions length 70 cm. width 1,2 cm. silicon coated,fire wick 2,5 cm.
Please remember, the silicone flowers are heat resistant but not fire proof. If you follow these guidelines your stick can last 100’s of burns.The dowel is made from a glass fibre, which is tough, yet flexible enough for knee bounces and kicks. It is wrapped with silicone which provides excellent grip. The flowerstick is slowed with fire resistant silicon flowers which add stability. Each end is covered with a large 25mm para-aramid head which burns for up to 5 minutes.- Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquid.
– Do not hold the stick in the vertical position. Keep it spinning or keep it held horizontally!?
– Keep the silicone away from the fire liquid.
– The silicone can become slippery in cold or wet environments.
– You can kick the stick, but don’t forget, it is not your enemy.


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