Fire torch mephisto white handle


πυρσοί φωτιάς  torch weight 260 grams .length 50cm.
wick head 3 X18 inches, 50mm X 5mm.
shrink tubing handle cover, x-grip .PX3 plastic dowel 5/8 diameter, aluminum sleeve.
burn time 4-5 minutes with lamp oil as fuel.

Take the world famous PX3 technology for unmatched durability, combine it with X-GRIP, a special thermo-shrink rubber grip that provides great protection against high temperatures, fantastic grip and high resistance to contact with any type of fuel, top it all with our 100% PURO KEVLAR WICK and you have the MEPHISTO, a super strong torch with excellent weight and balance, long lasting flame and the grip of your dreams.White soft  handle as px4 clubs. price for one torch.


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