Henry’s Vision Diabolo Free Hub Edition


μεγάλο ντιάμπολο  με ελεύθερο κέντρο/ρουλεμάν.

Eπίπεδο μεσαίο /προχωρημένο.

The Free-Hub kit uses covered, grease-free bearings with a smooth roller to ensure optimal play.
The extended spin times that this diabolo will provide mean far more complicated, technical trick sequences are possible.
This Vision diabolo can also be retro-fitted with a fixed axle or any of the Circus Tuning kits if desired.
Vision shells are made from hard-wearing urethane – the same material used on skateboard wheels.
Βάρος: 252 gr
Διάμετρος: 130 mm,
Πλάτος: 135 mm.

Player Level: Intermediate – Advanced.
Axle Type: Triple Bearing Axle.

Price is for diabolo only.


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