Juggle Dream Smoothie Juggling Ball – UV Solid Colour


Ζογκλερικές μπάλες από συνθετικό δέρμα, φωσφορίζουν στο black light.Διάμετρος: 70 mm
Βάρος: 120gr.
Η τιμή αφορά μία μπάλα.

UV reactive colors bean bags.These smoothie balls are exceptionally bright – their skin is UV reactive, so will slightly glow under a Black / UV light, making them both easy to see and fun to juggle. Available in Solid Colour Pink, Yellow and Blue.Perfect for the beginner as well as for Intermediate juggling.Weight=120g Width=70mm

These are thud style juggling balls from Juggle Dream. Like a traditional thud, the Smoothie ball has a simple four panel design with a sterilised millet feeling. However, the smoothie has a more textured finish which offers increased grip. The firmness of the ball means they feel very responsive and incredibly accurate. This makes them ideal for very fast routines.

The weight of 120g is perfect as it makes your fingers shut automatically as you catch the ball. Lighter balls are more likely to be fumbled.

Price is for 1 ball.

Βάρος1 kg


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