LED juggling balls


μπάλες με φως απο σιλικονούχο υλικό κατάλληλες για juggling. διαστάσεις 68 μμ 155 γρ
led balls 70mm , 150gr.η τιμή αφορά την μία μπάλα και οι μπαταρίες περιλαμβάνονται.Δεν ειναι επαναφορτιζόμενες.

New shell manufactured by PLAY. Softer for a fantastic grip and to resist the hardest drops even on concrete. The PLAY glow balls are the ideal balls for outdoor performances.  Light diffusion is simply perfect, by far the best glow ball on the market for its price range. Each ball comes with 3 x LR43 batteries which should give four to five hours glow. The battery chamber is sunk inside the ball – you activate the balls by turning the covering screw cap which sits below the surface of the ball. To prevent damages to the screw cap we recommend not to juggle the balls when switched off, a drop on the cap might damage the plastic thread.


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