LED for diabolo


Τα LED πωλούνται σε σετ των 2 και προσαρμόζονται επάνω στο diabolo πολύ εύκολα.Κατάλληλα για το cyclone  triple bearing diabolo, vision henrys diabolo,typhoon diabolo.

Οι μπαταρίες περιλαμβάνονται( τύπος μπαταρίας lr43.)

A LED light kit from Juggle Dream which will fit simply on, making them great looking in the dark too… Just remove the existing nut and screw on the LED kit – one for each side. Each unit houses 3 LED’s in red blue and green and comes supplied with 3 x LR44 cell batteries. (x 6 in total is needed for a full battery change.) A slight downside we’ve found is that as the light kits tighten by hand it’s almost impossible to tighten them up completely, leaving a slight ‘play’ in the diabolo. However we didn’t find this made any difference to the overall performance. Compatible with diabolos, Cyclone  triple bearing , vision henrys free,typhoon.sold as set of two, batteries included.


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