Flower stick picasso UV reactive colours


flower  stick ιδανικό τόσο για αρχάριους όσο και προχωρημένους, ιδανικό και για παιδιά.Μήκος στίκ : 41.5cm ,μήκος μαζί με σουέτ flower: 65cm .Bάρος: 190gr

πωλείται ως σετ με τα στίκ.

Flower stick φωσφορίζοv στο blacklight

The Juggle Dream Neo is a super bright UV active version of the Picasso flower stick.Both the central shaft and hand sticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy silicon tubing which will glow brightly while exposed to direct ultra violet light. This material will also react to the UV in normal spectrum light and will glow brightly at dusk (think high vis jackets).the weight of the psuede flowers give the right amount of drag to create a very responsive stick. At 41.5cm long (65cm inc’ flowers) the Neo is short enough to allow advanced body moves (armcurls, fishtails, behind the back helicopter e.t.c) without making it too fast for beginners.Shaft length 41.5cm ,Length with tassels 65cm ,Weight 190gr. sold as set with handsticks.





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